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ICM2907 Replacement DSI Control Board For Reznor
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Product Description :
    • ICM2907 Replacement DSI Control Board For Reznor 195265. Fits UDAP and UDAS Models
    • Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) control board Microprocessor-based Controls inducer motor, blower motor, air cleaner (if equipped), spark ignitor and the gas valve Monitors timing, trial for ignition, system switches, flame sensing and lockout Compatible with LP or natural gas LED indication for status and fault codes to aid in troubleshooting
    • Specifications: Voltage: 18-30 VAC Frequency: 60 Hz Inducer blower output Type: Relay, Rating: 1/6 HP @125 VAC Gas Valves output Type: Relay, Rating: 1A @ 24 VAC Main Blower output Type: Relay, Rating: 1/4 HP @125 VAC Operating Temperature: -40°F to 165°F (-40°C to 74°C)
    • Used In Reznor Models: UDAP -30, UDAP -45, UDAP-60, UDAP-75, UDAP-100, UDAP-125, UDAP-150, UDAP-175, UDAP-200, UDAP-225, UDAP-250, UDAP-300, UDAP-350, UDAP-400,
    • UDAS-30, UDAS-45, UDAS-45-CC14-P, UDAS-45-CC2/6, UDAS-60, UDAS-60-CC2/6, UDAS -60-NAT-CC14, UDAS -75, UDAS -75-AC4-1G2-CC2, UDAS -75-CC2, UDAS -75-CC6, UDAS-100, UDAS-100-CC2, UDAS-100-CC6, UDAS-125, UDAS-125-CC2, UDAS-125-CC6, UDAS-150, UDAS-150-CC2, UDAS-150-CC6, UDAS-175, UDAS-175-CC2, UDAS-175-CC6, UDAS-200, UDAS-200-CC2, UDAS-200-CC6, UDAS-225, UDAS-225-CC2, UDAS-225-CC6, UDAS-250, UDAS-250-CC2, UDAS-250-CC6, UDAS-300, UDAS-300-CC2, UDAS-300-CC6, UDAS-350, UDAS-350-CC2/6 UDAS-400,-CC2/6